A buyer’s guide to Pickle ball paddle

best Pickle ball paddle

Playing Pickle ball is a sport that can get you addicted to it. What one needs to have the most for the game is the fitness, skill and precision. Pickle ball is considered to be one of the most popular racket sport and more and more people are finding their interest in it.

For all those of you who are not very aware of this sport called Pickle ball, here is what it is like. This sport is actually a spin-off of badminton and tennis. It includes a court, a ball that is light weighted, a net and paddles. Just like in tennis matches, the players have a face-off in singles as well as doubles. No matter what age you are, right from kids to adults can have a gala time playing this sport.

The different types of paddles available in the market:

  • Graphite core paddle: the paddle is made from graphite material. This gives them enough of pop and throw power to the ball. Also, in comparison to the other core paddles, this one is considered to be much lighter. They are not expensive thus everyone can afford buying them and it can be an ideal choice for those players who would want an extra pop from behind.
  • Fibreglass face paddles: this type of paddles will give a number of pops and the fibreglass floor has a great design to offer an extra spin. With this paddle you are sure to beat all your opponents just like professionals.
  • Aluminium core paddle: these paddles consist of a honeycomb inside the core. Also, since it is an aluminium product it offers a lot of energy on the ball as well. But it is heavy in weight.

When you want to buy the best Pickle ball paddle you need to be equally aware of the various things that are associated with it. Let us take a brief look at some of these things.

The main parts of the Pickle ball paddle:best Pickle ball paddle

The face: the face of this paddle is flat and has a specific dimension. It can be made of either fibreglass, wood or even carbon. The floor of the paddle will give an extra spin to the ball when it hits the paddle. The construction of the paddles might be identical but then again you can choose the type that you desire to have based on your needs.

The grip of the dimension: it is considered to be very important that you decide on the size and width of the paddle. Getting the appropriate dimension grip for yourself will entirely depend on your individual limits. You need to make sure that the paddle lets you get a comfortable grip and also reaches your palm in a comfortable manner.

The impact of thinning and whipping: well, this impact will work when you will need to throw the ball from the surface. So, if you have a thinner paddle, it tends to have extra power in comparison to those strong and easy going paddles.