Check out the Burris AR 332 review before actually buying it

The Burris AR 332 rifle comes with both pros and cons. It is very important to know about both before taking the decision of buying it. In this post, you can know about the Burris AR 332 Cons so that it would be helpful to take a wise decision. The rifle is pretty impressive during the first touch as it has multi-coated lenses, integrated lens covers, sunshade, and rail mounting bracket. The weight is less and very comfortable to carry. The recoiling of the prism sight does not budge even after shooting up to 100 rounds.

Features of Burris AR 332

Burris AR 332 Cons

Burris AR 332 cons might be few, but there many cool and wonderful features as follows

  • The ballistic CQ reticle is super fast in this rifle. The smaller reticle dots helps in providing trajectory reparation for a distance greater than 600 yards. Ultra-fast engagements can be done by means of the circular center.
  • There are three reticle color settings namely red, green, and black. It also has five green and five red illuminated settings for illuminated reticle. This helps in reducing the time for targeting objects and increases accuracy in darkness.
  • The fixed magnification is 3x times greater than any rifle and the multicoating of the lens helps in low-light performance and elimination of glare.
  • The construction is rugged that provides protection against extreme weather conditions and helps in water-proof facilities of the rifle.
  • It comes with a forever warranty that helps you to repair the damaged parts or getting a new rifle.

Cons of using Burris AR 332

There are many disadvantages in sync with the features of Burris AR 332. Following are the major Burris AR 332 cons

  • Perfect scope: If you are choosing the best and ideal perfect scope, then Burris AR 332 might not be a good choice. It is not ideal for every optic condition unlike the other rifles of same specifications.
  • Obscure targets: The Burris AR 332 produce broad reticle lines which makes it difficult to focus long range targets. The precision is very bad that does not help the shooters.
  • Battery life not up to the mark: The battery life is not so good which makes an important Burris AR 332 cons. If you leave the rifle without use you should definitely need more battery. The usage must confine with the rifle usage else it gets exhausted earlier.
  • Notwithstanding conditions: It cannot be used for a long period of time as it is not a rugged one. The rifle may react to the extreme weather and battle conditions after few years.

Burris AR 332 Cons should be kept in mind before buying it. It is good for beginners and if you are an expert and looking for the best rifle, then it might not be a good choice. It can be used for sports shooting and target shooting for which it is great to use. For military operations and other important security reasons, it might not be as good as expected.