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aquarium substrate for live plants

An aquarium substrate is a floor of the fish tank that is made of different materials like small pebbles, stones, and gravels. These are the materials responsible for the rooting and growing of aquarium plants. The materials you choose as the aquarium substrate for live plants should not modify the pH level of the water. Some of the substrate materials like gravel might change these changes and will not allow the plants to grow. The reason behind this is it lowers or higher the pH level of the water. This might provide an unsuitable atmosphere for the plants to grow.

Aquarium substrate specificationsaquarium substrate for live plants

The aquarium substrate for live plants must have the following characteristics in order to enhance the living nature of live plants.

  • Materials used: The common material used as a substrate for gravel that is available in pet shops. It can be bought at different sizes, shapes, materials, and weights. Next, to gravel, and is most commonly preferred. The fishes love to dig the sand play with its peers. The common type of substrate is coral in a crushed form. If you wish to place more live plants then the substrate like laterite or vermiculite are used. It is mostly used in order to protect the live plants as they help in storing and releasing the necessary nutrients to the plants placed.
  • Quantity: The quantity of the substrate for an aquarium depends on its size and the number of fish in it. The substrate fill is usually done to a level of 2 to 3 inches as the live plants might require more space to root down deep.
  • Color: If you need to make your fish happier, then you should go for natural colored substrates and gravels. Some people tend to use pink and neon gravel stones which will not make your fish comfortable.

Advantages of using an aquarium substrate

Following are the advantages of an aquarium substrate

  • It makes the aquarium look healthy and aesthetic. It makes fish have a healthy habitat.
  • The aquarium substrate for live plants helps in maintaining as a medium that maintains the nitrogen cycle. It helps in supporting bacterial colonies and also providing key nutrients to the plants.
  • It helps in making the fish comfortable and providing the natural substrate. The species that are bottom-dwelling makes use of this substrate.
  • It helps in maintaining the aesthetic look of an aquarium by providing an aesthetic look. It helps the people looking at it to feel a better way and it gives a healthy feeling to people and also fishes.

It is very important to save your fish inside an aquarium with a substrate that is beneficial to fishes. The aquarium substrate for live plants helps in marinating the fish’s health and hygiene. Also, it gives an ecstatic feeling when people come and take a look at it. The substrates are available in all fish need shops and also in online shopping sites.