Some of the insights about caring old cats

old cats care

No wonder all the pets need special care and treatment, especially if it is an aged-one. The same goes for the aged-cats. The aged-cats need specific care in terms of veterinary and home nutrition, age-related issues, diseases, nutrition and monitoring the common factors upon cats. Though these special treatments for old cats care demands extra time, and it is worth enough as it takes care of the cat’s welfare throughout its lifespan.

Keep an eye on the health factorold cats care

One of the important factors to be looked upon with regard to the cat’s health is its joint condition. Most of the age-old cats are often suffers from arthritis and other degenerative joint conditions.  Henceforth, supplements such as EFA and Glucosamine reduce any inflammatory conditions in cats thereby, protects and rebuilds joints. In a case of cat suffering pain, the pain reliever and other anti-inflammatory medications shall not be given unless it is suggested by the veterinary doctor as most of the pain reliever is toxic in nature. Another important aspect to look is upon cat’s weight. The more and more cat’s activity decreases and there is a considerable amount of chances for the cat to gain more and more weight. It is not good for the age-old cat to gain weight as the weight factor often leads to diabetes and joint issues.  Thus, the cat should be provided only high-quality food which contains rich fibre and balanced nutrition. The age-old cat may often lose muscle mass too as most of the cat loses its sense of smell and taste too. Since it is an age-old cat, it has a limited number of chances to exercise as earlier.

It’s time to switch to the dental aspect

The final aspect pertaining to the health factor in age-old cats is dental care and hygiene. The Periodontal disease causes loss of jaw-bone and tooth which makes the eating difficult for the cats. If a cat suffers from swollen, bad breath, bleeding gums and so on, the regular dental care is necessary and significant to keep the cat’s gum and teeth strong and healthy as it has the higher possibility of developing gum disease. Most significantly, the cat shall be brushed using a soft brush as the human brush is strictly restricted. Hence, a specific cat brush must be purchased from the pet store and a gentle and keen focus should be given to the back teeth and the front line of a cat.

Attention towards the cat’s behaviour

In the case of the age-old cat, keen attention should be given to the cat’s odd behaviour. Since the cat is old, the favourite sports and activity may become an impossible one. Thus, the odd behaviour may lead to various health problems, pain, and injury. Hence, one should involve the cat with soft play and mild activity. Because, the lesser the cat in some interaction, the more the chance for the cat to gain weight and thereby, leads to increased joint injury and pain.